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  • Located on the ground floor and the 2nd floor of Jasper Villa Banqiao, the JX Gym Club encompasses a spacious area with comprehensively functional fitness and water exercise facilities, providing several splendid activities including the globally famous “Bungee Workout,” Zumba and Hot Yoga. There are also popular exercise courses dedicated for the senior group, such as aqua bike and Tai Chi, which are suitable for seniors to participate in.

    Residents of the Senior Housing may use the following for free during the accommodation period:
    •    3F Starlight Pool
    •    2F/1F JX Fitness
    Other Payment Items:
    •    Bungee
    •    Body Combat
    •    Aqua Bike
    •    Zumba
    •    Yoga
    •    Tai Chi

    Separate fees will be collected when using the aforementioned courses or facilities, please refer to the announcements on-site for the charging standards and rates.

    Inquiry Hotline: +886 925 500 170
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