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Wealthy Housing

  • Wealthy Senior Housing Layout: A two-bedroom suite with two bathrooms and a kitchenette, about 132m2 spacious, fully furnished and elegant & warm in style.

    The residential design for Jasper Villa Banqiao features two main elements: water and air. Each room has an independent air-conditioning system, and is equipped with Daikin’s total heat exchanger to maintain fresh air circulation indoors. Moreover, there are also Mitsubishi electrolyzed water machines, not merely capable of filtering the water with high effectiveness, but the pH value of water can also be selected, ensuring the safety of rinsing and washing food ingredients, as well as the health of the intestines and stomach for the drinkers.

    Room Facilities Hsin-Po Care U system
      Daikin’s Total Heat Exchanger
      Xiao-Bu Voice Housekeeper system
      Magic Mirror (Optional)
      HCG 2nd Generation Superlet
      Dyson’s Body Dryer
    Electric Appliances Mitsubishi electrolyzed water machine (optional)
      Air Purifier (optional)
      LG Washer and Dryer Combo and Double-Door Refrigerator
      Water Oven (optional), Microwave (optional)
      Oven (optional), Electric Kettle (optional)
  • Services exclusive to residents are listed below:

    * Daily Buffet Breakfast
    * Use of the facilities on 3F
    * Housekeeping (once per week)          
    * JX Fitness
    * Swimming Pool       


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